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Custom Hiring Centers

Custom Hiring Centers (CHC) are units within several villages which facilitates farm equipment hiring and communications from Numaligarh Refinery Limited and Krishi Vigyan Kendra in several programmes.
Custom Hiring Centers comprises of an executive committee, members and shareholders which are basically farmers from its parent villages. They keep records of all the farming, production and marketing activities of the farmers within its vicinity.
The farm equipments like Tractor, Rotavator, Cultivator, Trailor etc. are hiried at a certain rate governed by the executive committee and revenue generated is used in maintenance and funnctioning of the CHC.

Objectives of Custom Hiring Centers

  • To make available various farm machinery / equipments to small and marginal farmers
  • To offset the adverse economies of scale due to high cost of individual ownership
  • To improve mechanization in places with low farm power availability
  • To provide hiring services for various agricultural machinery/implements applied for different operations.
  • To expand mechanized activities during cropping seasons in large areas especially in small and marginal holdings.
  • To provide hiring services for various high value crop specific machines applied for different operations.

Formation of Custom Hiring Centers

greeing to this brilliant idea of spreading modern farming, the farmers of the villages organized a general meeting separately. Where NRL and KVK,AAU, Golaghat officials were invited in order to discuss the whole project. Also many important decision were made in the General Meeting (GM). In this meeting NRL decided to provide three farming Tractors with implements to three different CHC covering 8 villages of nearby NRL. And also promised to provide farther help in future.
After a series of discussion with KVK, AAU, Golaghat and the NRL authority was highly satisfied with objectives of the proposal of establishing Custom Hiring Centre and sanctioned three(03) number of Custom Hiring Centres as follows:
One person form each centre donated his land so that a office could be made for their official use
CHC Name
Land Donor
Landarea (Katha)

No Data

General Committee

A general committee was formed in every centre where every members are the shareholder of the CHC, every farmer of a centre can be member by paying a small affordable amount. This is later used for the development of this Centre. The main function of this committee is to form a executive committee and to take all the important decision regarding CHC of that area’.

Executive Committee

This committee is headed by a President and a secretary. This committee is also managing the centre. The main role of the committee is to see the execution of the facilities provided by the NRL. This committee also controls the financial side of the CHC.

Constitution Of CHC

All role and regulation to run a CHC is made by the General Committee of every centre for smooth functioning of a CHC.

Bank Account

A joint Bank Account is the name of a particular centre is opened so that all the financial transaction for that particular CHC done through it. This account is control by the President & Secretary of every CHC. For each and every transaction all the committee members must be well explain in a executive committee meeting before the transaction.

List of CHCs

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